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Pet Care

Just as you feel better when you are clean and healthy, your dog will, too. Good grooming will help keep him / her healthy.

Regular grooming is extremely important for your canine friend. Not only does it keep dogs’ coats clean and manageable, it also enables you to do a quick health check to ensure your pet stays in tip-top condition.

There are many benefits to grooming your dog. As well as aerating the coat and ensuring healthy growth, brushing promotes good blood circulation. Grooming helps to keep grease levels down — a build-up of grease in a dog’s coat can block pores and cause sebaceous cysts

Most vets and groomers reccomend using a dog shampoo. DO NOT always use flea and tick shampoos as this will cause your dog to have really dry irritated skin. What is most reccomended for dogs is an OATMEAL based shampoo. Like with humans, oatmeal will help clear up any skin issues. However HUMAN oatmeal soap is not interchangeable with CANINE oatmeal soap.

DOG shampoo is for DOGS | BABY shampoo is for BABIES

With care - never stick your finger inside your pet’s mouth if you are not clear what you are doing. Don’t assume that because they like you they won’t accidently close their teeth on your fingers. It is important that your dog is as relaxed as possible during this examination as they are much more likely to be cooperative and reduce the chance of accidental nips. While they are sat quietly, gently lift the flaps of their gums and have a quiet look at the teeth you can see there - pay attention to the colour of the gums, any developing ‘lumps’, signs of broken/chipped teeth and areas that seem/look painful. Once you’ve had a look at one side then look at the other. Although you won’t be able to see the whole mouth, you will get a good overall picture. If and when you offer them some form of chew then try and have a look towards the back of the mouth while they are chomping on the chews (and not your fingers). As with the other teeth, pay attention to the gum colour, signs of broken or chipped teeth and if he seems to favour one side of his mouth over the other.

Your hairdresser doesn't have to remove the boogies from your eyes.
Your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end and give you a sanitary trim.
The likelihood of you peeing or pooping while your hair is being cut is slim.

Scratching is sometimes caused by dry skin, not fleas. This could be the result of excessive bathing, dry climate, nutritional deficiency, or the wrong type of shampoo


Seizure Alert' dogs can alert their owners up to an hour before the onset of an epileptic seizure.
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